New York vs. Texas

New York vs. Texas

Well, over the weekend, the longest game in Stanley Cup history took place. It went into a third overtime, and was watched by me from both our apartment, a restaurant, and a bar afterward. Dallas beat Buffalo 2-1 for those of you who care. And here’s an interesting point I feel I have to make because it’s kind of cool (note: I said “interesting,” not “funny”). This is the first time ever that two teams from different cities in the same state were competing against two teams from different cities in another state in both the Stanley Cup finals and the NBA finals. While Dallas was beating Buffalo in hockey, San Antonio was beating New York on alternating night. Kinda cool, huh? Well, maybe just to me. And Bob Costas.

Well, I want to make this quick, because I need to be bright-eyed and rosy-cheeked for my 10-year-old fan club tomorrow morning. If I haven’t had my beauty rest, those playful games of “Get Mr. Dustin” could turn fatal for the kids. Well, I was watching the basketball version of the Texas/New York war of the athletes tonight, when Charlie Ward (93 Heisman Trophy winner turned point guard (it’s a long story)) dribbled the ball upcourt and tried some fancy Michael Jordan move and seriously fell over to the ground and lost the ball. To this, Bill Walton and whatever other sarcastic commentators that happen to accompany him, decided to comment (since it’s their job) on the play…

Quote of the Day 6/21/99

“Now that’s not what Charlie Ward does. Charlie Ward and Chris Childs [back-up point guard] are best when they just dribble the ball up and give it to somebody else.”

-Bill Walton

I love the subtlety of this insult. That’s basically as politely as they could say on national television, “These guys ain’t worth a shit.” But they’re still better than Chris Dudley.

Pointless guard,

Mr. Crossover.

Still Standing Right Here…

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