Witless Fitness

Witless Fitness

Well, I know I mentioned before that it was going to happen sometime in the future, and that future was 3 weeks ago tonight. At any rate, I started teaching a college class. All these young, impressionable minds (average age is 26) at the whim of my corruption. UMBC is paying me good money to teach these people about Lifetime Fitness. What the hell do I know about Lifetime Fitness? I’m a contortionist with a high metabolism so I look thin and flexible. The layman would have a tough time distinguishing between me and somebody in shape. That’s what I was counting on. 13 out of 13 physical laymen. I got 12.

Thankfully, the thirteenth one is willing to take a bribe. He’s actually pretty cool. I spend a lot of class time sitting on the weightlifting equipment with him gawking over the redhead in our class. My class. Anyway, he was asking me if I had ever thought about becoming a physical trainer or anything like that. I told him that I would probably feel uncomfortable having somebody pay me money to get them into shape…

Quote of the Day 7/22/99

“So how’s that different from what you’re doing now?”

-Joe, unlucky #13.

OK class, get in line. We’re going to flail our limbs again today…

Hot for student,

Mr. Robinson.

Still Standing Right Here…

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