Humor is a Funny Thing

Humor is a Funny Thing

I feel an explanation is in order to those of you who are new to the quote of the day and the whole Mr. Dustin experience in general. I consider the quote of the day a sort of humor column, and I’m its author. Now whether or not you feel I deserve to consider myself a humor columnist is up to you, but that’s how I see it. So like other humor columnists do (I imagine), I try to make the subject material funny, which involves a lot of catering to the crowd. Passive isn’t funny, active is. Cute isn’t funny, frustrated is. Forgiving isn’t funny, bitter is. Agreeable isn’t funny, opinionated is. Of course, you could make an argument that one of those four things is funny, but you’d be wrong. (I just incorporated all of the 4 other things into that one phrase, by the way.) And I embellish a lot of what I say because exaggeration is also funny. So is blatantly lying too. I don’t stalk women’s volleyball teams. Or redheads. Or 12-year-olds. Hell, I haven’t even seen Star Wars yet (kidding again). In some ways, I’m almost an actor playing the part of a guy who is a lot like me. That’s actually, confusingly enough, how I am in real life most of the time. Now please don’t take this to mean that I have to mask my tears with a comedic face or anything, I just like making people laugh. Just like Jim Carrey. I’m like the Cable Guy. Now most people know when I’m kidding and when I’m not by now, but I know some of you out there don’t. I was told by someone the other day that I “take comedy too seriously.” That I “sit down and actually consider the tone of something before I consider whether or not its funny.” Whereas this person would “just write something and see if it’s funny.” This person honestly meant it as a character flaw, but I took it as a compliment. A few years back, I wrote a “research paper” on the subject of comedy. Mike, Good Joe, Kevin and I used to joke that we critiqued humor and the styles and techniques of it so much that we should write a book (again, please keep to yourselves whether you think I’m qualified to write a book on the subject). So I actually started a while back, but as I am a generally unmotivated person, I didn’t follow through with the idea. But just recently, Mike figured out a good title for it…

Quote Of the Day 8/10/99

“Dustin and Mike: We’re so serious about comedy, it’s not funny.”

-Mostly Mike

Humor is a very funny thing…

Just a guy trying to make pudding come out of your collective noses,

The Quorax.

Still Standing Right Here…

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