Weird Al vs. Malcolm X

Weird Al vs. Malcolm X

Well, I finally got a chance to get to the nurse last week. According to all her specialized equipment, a throat culture, and an anal probe (which I’m still questioning the necessity of), I have been diagnosed with a possible sore throat.

I’ve already called the mortician.

So that’s all they could come up with, a sore throat. “Don’t worry, Mr. Henson, it’s just the flu. Take some Tylenol.” Well, without the funky bowel movements, it’s really just a mild annoyance. I’m not supposed to yell really loud or sing for a while. So my mild annoyance is everybody else’s virtual nirvana. But as long as I can still type, I can still piss off a lot of people. 😉

Well, Weird Al is at it again. He’s got another album called Running With Scissors. I have all the songs on MP3 format at work and the kids love them. To the point where it’s REALLY annoying. Well, one of the kids told us that he’s doing a report for school on Weird Al. Heidi (fellow child abuser) and myself didn’t really think this was justifiable material for a biographical report for an 8th grader. Craig, in his own attempt at a defense for himself, muttered that a lot of other kids were doing reports on stupider people…

Quote of the Day 8/12/99

“Well, this one kid is doing that guy… uh, uh… some Malcolm X guy.”

-The reason 13-year-olds get a bad rep

Now, don’t get me wrong. I agree that Weird Al has done more good for the world than Malcolm X (especially black people), but I might save that for oral presentation.

Good enough for now,


Still Standing Right Here…

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