Water Water Everywhere

Water Water Everywhere

A while ago I criticized the saying “whenit rains, it poors” because of the fact that if this was true, there wouldbe no basis of comparison, thus making one of the terms void. (It made sense,trust me.) Well, if it turns out that the author of that saying was FromMaryland, my sincerest apologies go out to him for my previous comments. Infact, I believe the saying should read “when it rains, it poors, and itdoes it often.” Here’s what Maryland weather thinks is funny to us. Itdoesn’t rain for three very hot long months of summer, sending Maryland into a droughtwarning with serious water restrictions for over a month. Then it decides thatit’s had fun long enough and it lets loose like a guy who’s been holding in apiss through an entire opera. A 3-month-long opera. Last Thursday, the drought warning was lifted. Last Friday, there was a flood warning. Does this seem likea contradiction on some level to anybody else out there? Just checking…

Quote Of the Day 9/7/99

“That’s not your phone, that’s the monkeys.”

That’s when I tuned into the conversation between Gary and his secretary. Apparently,”I’m A Believer” sounds like Gary’s phone when it’s ringing. It wasfunnier before I knew what it meant.

Building a make-shift ark,
Mr. Cubit.

Still Standing Right Here…

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