Achilles and the Motivation

Achilles and the Motivation

Can I just tell you guys how unmotivated I am to do work? Since I got hurt, between the initial running around (no pun intended) to doctors offices and such, my trip to Portland, and my week-long post-surgery sabbatical, I had three weeks in a row off. Now I’m back at work, and it’s cool to see everybody again, but I kinda liked that week where I just lied down on the couch and let people bring me food. That’s a difficult lifestyle to give up. Especially for one where you have to drive to a place miles away and do stuff other people tell you to do. Now I know why bums are bums. I don’t necessarily condone the lifestyle of a bum, but I at least understand it. Hell, I can’t even motivate myself to play a computer game or update my fantasy football team. I can barely muster up enough energy to e-mail and that’s really all I’m equipped to do right now. I almost have to force myself to download porn. It’s getting bad.

I don’t have too many quotes of the day come from the bathroom, so this should be a treat. Yet, it isn’t. It’s actually pretty gross. But I’ve already started typing it and I can’t motivate myself to start over and find a different quote…

Quote Of the Day 9/4/00

Good Joe: (from in the stall) “This toilet paper isn’t working.”
Me: (from outside the stall) “Define ‘isn’t working.'”
Good Joe: (from the stall again) “It’s adding more shit to my ass.”

I chose to wait until we got home to do take a dump.



Still Stranded Right Here…

(Damn, this one was disgusting)

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