Still Stranded Right Here

Still Stranded Right Here

Every now and again I get that “you need to get your car fixed” slap in the face by Mother Nature, Father Time, Lady Luck, or Jason Geography. The trip to Laurel & Mardy, M.D. was the most recent altercation by Mom and Jason collectively. I was running late, even for Dustin time, so I had to take the handicap spot right in front of the building rather than my normal spot around the other side of the building on one of the better hills I’ve ever seen. I parked and did that “Ah, I’ll deal with it later” thing. Well, I left the office, and later had arrived, and no solution had presented itself in the meantime. I was hoping it was on enough of a hill, which it wasn’t, or that it was dry enough out to get a little traction with my opposite foot to push the car out, which it also wasn’t. I was turned around in my car facing backwards (because I need to push with my right foot), and trying desperately to get the thing out far enough so I could put it in D and take off. But I kept slipping and the car would drift forward the 8 inches that I had pushed it backward every time. I was helpless and looking like a damn fool in front of two ladies out on the benches taking their smoke break. So now what? Well, after Jason and Ma had had enough of a laugh, Dad sent a guy out of the building that was apparently in the lobby watching the entire bitchslap take place. He helped push the car out as I played the part of “I have no idea, it worked yesterday.” And by the way, if any of you work for Progressive Auto Insurance, I’m just kidding.

It poured rain last Monday, which is why it was all wet out on Tuesday when I tried to get my car out of that heathenous parking spot. Well, Russ was out playing soccer in a pick up game like the idiot that he is. He came to sit down on the bench after having been in the game. I offered him to get under my protective umbrella, but he refused…

Quote Of the Day 9/28/00

“Eventually you just give up and become one with the shitty weather.”

-Russ Dog

I think there was a little too much zen in that statement for commentary on a minor rainstorm.

Stuck in the perpetual thunderstorm of broken transmissions,

Squeegeed Cricket.

Still Stranded Right Here…

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