Stop Signs, Rumble Strips and Nuts

Stop Signs, Rumble Strips and Nuts

Well, they finally did it. I know I wrote last year that UMBC would start putting up stop signs on sections of road without intersections. Well, it finally happened. Except they weren’t content with just picking out a section of straight road and putting up a stop sign there. Instead, they took an already existing intersection that previously had no stop sign, blocked off the only road you could turn onto, and then put up a stop sign. Picture a T intersection in which you could drive along the top of the T and turn onto the stem. Well, they put up a barrier so nobody can get into the stem now, and put up a stop sign along the top where the stem used to be on the same day. So now we have to stop for absolutely no traffic. For those of you coming into UMBC from 95, you can appreciate my frustration. I’ve run the damn thing every time and still haven’t gotten caught. But now that I have brakes, it’s not as much of a huge issue.
In addition, the school has now put a rumble strip around the loop for one reason or another. I’m a big fan of the rumble strip, don’t get me wrong. I think it serves a great and important purpose. Hell, I’ve found myself drifting over them a few very scary times. But they serve a purpose on like… the Atlantic City Expressway and I-95. I can’t really see somebody falling asleep driving around the loop. Were there that many incidences that merited such a development? I guess I just don’t get it sometimes.

The office is a fun place to work. Lots of characters around. Geoff and Heidi were having a conversation last week about something which is fairly irrelevant now. But here’s how the conversation ended…

Quote Of the Day 10/23/00

Geoff: “You’re nuts, Hiedi.”
Hiedi: “No, Geoff. You’re nuts. In fact, you’re the definition of nuts.”
Geoff: “I’ll show you the definition of nuts…”

It’s a wonder he had to go to sexual harassment training classes.

The definition of gimp,

Still Stranded Right Here…

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