Don’t Rock the Vote

Don’t Rock the Vote

So tomorrow is the day. The day where everybody can pretend that they actually have a say in who is going to lead our nation for the next four years. I mean, I’m sure on one hand every vote counts and stuff, but on the other hand, I’m a pretty busy guy, and I mean really, how much am I gonna sway the vote? If the guy I want to win loses by one popular vote, then I’ll kick myself for the next four years and vote in 2004, but I’m not really that influential a person. I couldn’t even get Doug Flutie on the NFL all-star ballot again this year. Besides, I’m voting for Mickey Mouse and he loses every year. And on yet a third hand, I haven’t been following the political race at all. Maybe I really should be, but it falls right smack in the middle of football season. I know how little I know about these clowns running for president, and I hope people like me aren’t voting. My vote would be based on George Dubya’s mispronunciation of sublinable, and that really shouldn’t be enough. I’m gonna let the smarter people vote. Problem with that is that the smarter people also tend to be the richer people. Or at least the ones that care enough about our future to watch debates and stuff. It’s a responsibility thing. And the candidates know this. They do what they gotta do to get elected. So they cater to the haves instead of the have nots. Who do you thing funds their campaign? Poor people? And this is why our nation is so top heavy. But like I said, I haven’t been following the race at all. Good Joe told me he thought Gore had a good plan for education, and that’s good enough for me. In my opinion, that’s where we need to start. We’re so gung ho on the new technology that we’ve let our education system go to shit. Maybe if we stopped paying our teachers like the guy second in charge of the McFlurry machine, more decent teachers would pop up, and there wouldn’t be such a teacher shortage. Who wants to go to college to become a $32/year teacher when you can make $70 in an entry level data entry position for some company? I don’t know. I’m tired and cranky and should have been in bed hours ago. Damn Moonlighting. It comes on later every night I think. Anyway, go vote. Actually, I just heard that because there are so many people voting this year, that they are having all the democrats vote on Tuesday and all the Republicans vote Wednesday. Make sure you tell everybody.

Quote Of the Day 11/6/00

Dad: “Dust, I need a loan.”
Me: “Alright dad. I’ll leave you alone.”

I hope that’s what he meant.

Don’t rock the vote, baby,


Still Standing Right Here…

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