Achilles and the Perspiration

Achilles and the Perspiration

Thursday marked the 3 month anniversary of the bad day. And I did something that Thursday that I don’t think I’ve done since it happened. I actually sweat. I know it sounds pretty trite to brag about perspiration, but it took me by surprise. I was peppering around with Rich when I looked down and realized I was sweating. It was a milestone in my recovery stage. I’m excited. I’m actually trying to find other ways to sweat. If any of you know any redheaded volleyball chicks, tell them I’d like a little help with this new stage of physical therapy. In fact, they don’t even really need to play volleyball. Or have red hair. The chicks part is mandatory though.

Speaking of volleyball chicks, our girls club team is playing in a tournament at JMU this weekend. They left this morning at 4:30am to get there. That’s pretty damn early. They were talking about it at practice on Tuesday and one of the girls asked if somebody would make sure she was awake on time…

Quote Of the Day 11/10/00

“You mean kinda like a wake up call? What do you think this is? A Holiday Inn?”


From out of nowhere some old lady started cracking up.

3 months down, 3 to go,

Sweating Cricket.

Still Standing Right Here…

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