The Real Job Search

The Real Job Search

Well, everybody. Today is a landmark day in the life of one of my good friends. Today, Lance McMikey Chaka Khanover actually started a “real job,” that doesn’t include serving fish to old Jewish people. At least not in as far as he’s described it to me. In fact, he’s working 8-4 and he gets benefits and sick days and lunch hours any everything. This milestone is especially important because Mike used to be the only friend I had who was possibly less motivated than myself when it came to getting a job. Now he’s gone and upstaged me. I don’t have sick days. I just have days where I don’t come in. I guess it’s like the same thing. Same with vacation. I just tell Gary I won’t be around next week. But not Mikey. He got a real job. Even realler than the one I have now. But I’ll bet he can’t red card people on a regular basis. I might not get health insurance, but I have my own “benefits.” About a year ago, I went out with Mike and tried to talk him into getting out of Red Lobster. Like, working there, not like he was stuck in the building or anything. Anyway, I tried the old “no chick is gonna wanna be with a fish servin lackey” bit. He didn’t bite. He told me he was “looking for a job.” I said “Mike. You’re not talking to your parents here. I know what ‘looking for a job’ means. Now what exactly were you doing to try to find a job?”

Quote Of the Day 11/13/00

“Well, I’d spend about 45 minutes on typing in stuff about newspaper entry level positions… and then I’d play Civilization for about 8 hours.”

-Yelnick McFreelander

I told you guys he was unmotivated.

Still looking for that “real job,”

The Extendinator.

Still Standing Right Here…

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