Rating Days of the Week

I know I haven’t done this in a while, but here are the Tuesday ratings for this week.

Days Of the Week

Saturday – Most Saturdays are spent trying desperately to get over a hangover so I can go out drinking again at night. My make or break point is usually around 7. If I still have a headache at 7, it’s down time day. And the cool thing about Saturday is that you can do that crap. When you roll into work on Tuesday with a hangover, the day is not nearly as forgiving. A

Monday – This used to be the worst day of the week, because it was a cruel reminder of responsibility and a wake up call to the tune of Real Life singing “The Fun’s Over Meathead, Get the Fuck Up.” I hear that song about 4 or 5 times every morning in 9 minute intervals. But the night makes the day worthwhile. It has two of the greatest TV programs ever. Boston Public and Monday Night Football. That’s right. Wrestling isn’t even in the top 2 best shows on Monday night. Anyway, it makes up for the delirious funk I muddle through to make it to 8:00. B+

Thursday – Now this one is confusing. It was part of the weekend when I was in college, but it really isn’t for people in the working world. Mind you, this is for people with real jobs like Mike and other people. I work, but part time. And at a college. So I’m really confused. But for other working persons, Friday is still an 8 hour work day that starts at 8 or something like that. Thursday is confusing now. And wrestling is on again. C-

Sunday – No other sport completely monopolizes a day like football does to Sundays for 17+4 straight weeks. And I LOVE IT! I drag myself out of bed at 11:00 to watch the pre-game shows and usually don’t leave the recliner unless (with the exception of getting food) until about midnight. I fall asleep during halftime of one game and wake up during halftime of another game. It’s a guy’s bliss. And there’s usually no wrestling to contend with. Awesome! A+

I actually learned this weekend that Philadelphia is last in the league at calling the coin toss to begin the game, having only gotten it right 2 out of the 11 games they’ve had. I think I watch too much football. I was talking to Russ about all the fantasy players I was trying to get on my team. I don’t think I’d be able to afford them all and neither did he…

Quote Of the Day 11/14/00

“You’re gonna have to start giving your players signing bonuses in order to fit them under the cap.”


I have two players holding out for higher salaries as it is. I hope I don’t have to involve the lawyers like last year.

Living a fantasy,


Still Standing Right Here…

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