Negative Hour Man

Negative Hour Man

Well, I finally found out why the car I bought cost $1000 less than every other car in the lot. I have hit every combination and sequence of buttons possible and still can’t turn the damn clock back an hour. I knew I shoulda waited another 3 weeks to buy the thing. So now I’m constatly doing math trying to figure out what time it is in the car. That math being subtracting 1 from the hours column, but it’s still math. So I’m just gonna have to live with the math for another 5 1/2 months. That, and the car won’t start when it’s under 40 degrees. I’m naming the car Buccaneer. (Only really nerdy football guys will get that one.)

So anyway, Tony and me and probably somebody else or two went out to Bennigans a while back and I ordered the Buffalo Shrimp, which was common to me, as I’ve worked there for a while, but Tony had never heard of it…

Quote Of the Day 11/16/00

“Buffalo Shrimp? What’s that, like Doug Flutie on a bun?”


They mock because they’re jealous. And because the guy’s really freakin short! I can’t believe his mom let’s him play football.

Always an hour ahead,

Negative Hour Man.

Still Standing Right Here…

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