Double Feature Duel (Rd2): Swimming To Cambodia vs. Super 8

Double Feature Duel (Rd2):
Swimming To Cambodia vs. Super 8

What if you took 3 hours worth of random scenes and told them in story form in about 80 minutes vs. what if Lost was condensed from 200 hours down to 2…

Title: Two favorites here, but I’ll go with the one that evokes thoughts of an era. (Point, Super 0-1)
Funnier: Very funny, but only if you’re in the mood for highbrow stuff. (Point, Swimming 1-1)
Better Turn: It’s a little tough to discern a turn in the sojourn Spalding burned. (Point, Super 1-2)
Better Ending: Maybe it wasn’t much for theatrics, but it didn’t ruin the movie. (Point, Swimming 2-2)
Better Message: To those paying attention, a lot was to be learned in that monologue. I think. (Point, Swimming 3-2)
Better Acting: I still don’t think that a word was misplaced in 8 straight minutes of monologue. (Point, Swimming 4-2)
More Creative: Bold, yes. But is sitting in front of a desk talking for 80 minutes creative? (Point, Super 4-3)
Poster: I think Swimming’s poster was done by Spalding Gray in the back of his car on the way to the DVD release. (Point, Super 4-4)
Watch again: There is another Spalding Gray monologue out there that I’d like to watch someday. And because of that, this loses. (Point, Super 4-5)
Overall: The most unique movie (if you believe that those two words can be put together like that) in this bracket almost pulled off the upset. But it didn’t. Go Elle Fanning! Winner: Super 8 (5-4)
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