It’s Election, Boogie Woogie Woogie

It’s Election, Boogie Woogie Woogie

Well, it seems like a decision has finally been made about the presidency. Again, we don’t matter, only Florida matters. Well, the Florida Supreme Court has decided to let the recount last until Sunday, at which time, a final number ABSOLUTELY MUST be reached. So if they don’t count your vote before Sunday, then it doesn’t get counted. That sounds about fair. The Bush people are pissed off at the decision. He feels that the decision of who is to be president should be decided by Florida state law, not the will of the people. I’m really getting annoyed at this whole process. I think we should just put it off another year. Clinton did pretty good with the country in the past 8 years. We’re off the ground and in the air. Let’s just let er coast for a year, and then we’ll sort all this mess out. Besides, what did our forefathers know about the length of a presidential term? A lot of new crap has happened since that damn Constitution was written. Washington chopped down a cherry tree and couldn’t tell a lie, and Clinton shoved a Cuban up Monica’s (insert your own vaginal euphemism) and redefined the age old word “is.” I’m kinda sick of all this legal garbage. Both sides are starting to look like sore losers. They both remind me of soccer coaches that blame the ref for their loss after the game is over. Whine, whine. And now those poor Floridians have to spend all weekend counting these chad things. “No thanks, that’s enough turkey for me. I have to go back to the office and count those tiny fucking pieces of cardboard for the rest of the weekend. Save me some cranberry sauce.” Well, at least this close race proves that every vote counts. Unless you didn’t quite punch the hole all the way through. In which case, it gets thrown out.

Kevin (my idiot friend that not only moved to Portland, but got married in the process) called the other day to tell me his plans for the trip home this Thanksgiving and also to thank me for the George Foreman Grill Mike and I got him for the wedding. Anyway, he went on to say how much he uses the thing, and the following conversation ensued…

Quote Of the Day 11/17/00

Kev: “Yeah, it works great. It was the first gift we actually used when we got back.”
Me: “Cool. It cooks fast, doesn’t it?”
Kev: “Yes it does. Our food was ready so fast, we weren’t even hungry yet.”

I must have mistakenly got him the one with the back to the future knob.

Done with the word “elector” for another 4 years,

Lord Extendo.

Still Standing Right Here…

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