Why We Should Have a Queen

Why We Should Have a Queen

Well, they’ve finally reached a decision, and it looks like Bush is finally going to be our president. Oh, wait. No, they made the decision too quickly. This is now going in circles. It’s insane. I think the winner is going to be the one who doesn’t concede. Eventually, somebody’s going to just give up, and the other one will become president, and will most likely be hated for the crap they put the nation through to get in there. I wonder what other countries think of us. “Dumb American fucks. That’s why they should have a queen.” So now Gore is pleading that they should go through and count all the votes in Florida, and Bush is complaining that the Florida state law says that they’re not supposed to. And he’s right. What the hell kind of law is against counting all the votes? This is why I don’t vote. It’s very discouraging. So Gore wants all the votes to be counted because he’s losing. That’s natural. And Bush wants them to stick to their word, their law, and concede the presidential race to him because they didn’t count all the ballots in time. That stinks. I really don’t have a strong feeling about either of these guys, but for Bush to come across basically saying that the will of the US citizens is not as important as what the Florida law says makes him sound like a bunghole. How will Americans be able to support this guy after that? And the Gore campaign claims that if they counted the partially indented ballots, that he’d probably be winning now. I guess Democrats just aren’t as adept at punching holes. Whatever. I’m willing to bet that whoever it is that will finally be our president will only be there for one term. Unless of course, Dukakis runs again.

I went back home to spend this past weekend with some old friends in PA. As usually happens, we wound up playing this game which greatly resembles Scattegories, but instead of categories like “Boys name,” and “things that are black,” we have categories like “Bad pick up lines,” “stupid animals and an explanation why,” and “euphemisms for genitalia and/or sex.” Well, one of the categories was “Fake Onion Headlines,” and for those of you who don’t know, the Onion is a farce of a news magazine with articles both in print and online such as “Dallas Receiver Arrested For Failure To Possess Cocaine,” and “80 Billion Tons Of Jar Jar Merchandise Now 70 Percent Off.” Anyway, the letter was P and here was Good Joe’s Onion Headline…

Quote Of the Day 11/27/00

Presidential Race Finally Over, Bush To Become President For Remaining Year and a Half of Term

-Good Joe

It could happen.

Not necessarily the news,


Still Standing Right Here…

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