Rating American Time Zones

American Time Zones

Central – As time zones go in the US, this one is fairly acceptable. It’s the largest one in the country due in large part to Texas, but it does split the Dakotas and Nebraska in half with the Mountain Time Zone, which is pretty fucked up. B

Pacific – The Pacific time zone only takes up 4 states and a small part of Idaho. Very underachieving. It’s our smallest time zone and I think I know why. People have to wake up at like 8 in the morning on a Sunday to watch football. Who the hell wants to do that? And I was over in Portland during a Monday Night Football game and midway through the 4th quarter, it was still light out. I just couldn’t live like that. Then again, I wouldn’t need to stay up until 3am just to watch Moonlighting. C-

Eastern – This is obviously the dominant time zone in the country. Everything is “Eastern time.” 10:00 Eastern time, 8 eastern/7 central time, coming up except on the west coast… That’s another reason I don’t like the Pacific time zone. They always gotta be different. Also, “Eastern Time” has now turned commonly into “Eastern Standard Time,” further supporting that dominant time zone theory. A

Mountain – I’ve had my problems with this damn time zone in the past, and they were for very justified reasons. They just don’t care as much about times and schedules out there. They have states that just don’t feel like setting their clocks back or ahead ever. That can really fuck up a couple long distance travellers trying to pick up somebody’s sister from the airport. And I had to argue with Kevin for about 2 hours to finally convince him that there weren’t 5 time zones in the continental US. Stupid Arizona. D+

The Wadfather was down here for a little bit over Thanksgiving Break. Russ, Tony, and I had the fortune of dining with him at Rocky Run before he left again for Boston. He was telling us that we should come up to visit him sometime. He mentioned a Pub that he goes to a lot. They have a dollar draft happy hour and they have Guiness, Bass, Magic Hat 9, Resurrection…

Quote Of the Day 11/28/00

“You had me at Guiness.”


Don’t even get me started on the International Date Line.

Too tired to think,


Still Standing Right Here…

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