Christmas CD Burnout

Christmas CD Burnout

Well, it’s 1:28 in the morning, I’m knee deep in burnt CDs, and I’m still stuck at the office after having been off the clock since 2 in the afternoon. I hope you all appreciate this. Actually, this would be going a lot faster if I could stop playing with I actually walk through malls shouting out “7” and clicking on girls’ faces. This is a serious addiction. I need help. But anyway, the point is that I’m here and it’s late. I hope you all appreciate this because I’m not doing anything next year. Some people say I’m stressing too much. I agree with those people. Others say I shouldn’t have procrastinated this much. Those are the people I’m going to shoot with a gun. Not that I don’t have any Christmas spirit, but it seems like it coincides with when I have meals. What a total guy thing. My emotions can sway with the consumption of a pop tart. Get me food for Christmas. And if you bring it to me in the office now, I’ll give you next year off.

I went to a club with a few people last Thursday (which I could not go to tonight because of the impending holiday), and outside the door, there existed this guy yelling “If you’re over 21, get in this line… If you’re under 21, get in this line” as he pointed to 2 different lines. Aaron turned to me and said…

Quote Of the Day 12/21/00

“Well, what if you’re 21?”


Well, Aaron had to leave.

Decking the halls with pop tarts,

The Extendinator.

Still Sledding Right Here…

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