Improper Equipment

Improper Equipment

Well, another year has come and gone and here I am. Still in Baltimore. Still doing the quote of the day. Still at UMBC. Only difference now is that I “work” more and don’t take classes. Other than that, not much has changed. Still hang out with the same people. We drink a little more now, but that’s about the only change. It makes me long for the day when we’d stay up all night in Teresa’s hot tub until her parents went to work and then crash in her livingroom until they came home from work and she’d get in trouble and Joe’s dad would be calling everybody in his addressbook and their boss to find him. Actually, that was only last Tuesday, but it’s still better than working, however cool it may be. After sleeping until 4 and 5 in the afternoon, it’s just so difficult to pull yourself out of bed at noon to go bowling with college kids. Sometimes I think I deserve to be in debt.

Well, a huge reason I haven’t been sending out quotes and probably won’t be sending out quotes with regularity is the ping pong factor. There is now a bonafide actual ping pong table in our livingroom. So I had to move my desk piece by piece into the only floor space I had left in my room. Until I figure out a tetris like way to fix everything, I’m gonna have a few spacial problems to deal with. Anyway, I went and got a ping pong table and two paddles and a few balls at Dick’s Sporting Goods the week before vacation and it wasn’t long before Russ threatened to break one by slamming it on the table…

Quote Of the Day 1/3/01

Me: “If we break one of these we’ll have to go back to Dicks.”
Tony: (walking past the table) “I’m NOT using my dick!”

I’ll bet you’re laughing out loud.

Starting off the year on the right foot (because I have to),

Achilles Heal.

Still Standing Right Here…

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