Rating Women’s Hair Color

Rating Women’s Hair Color

Blonds – OK. Blonds are typically looked at as the sexiest hair color in women. About 85% of guys are looking for a tall blond woman, or something like that. Lots more girls dye their hair blond to try to impress more guys (and girls) than other colors. I’d like to dispel this rumor. But I can’t. As much as I try to have a different favorite hair color, it’s hard. Don’t know what it is, but the media is right sometimes. They missed the boat on wrestling completely, but blonds are fun to look at. A

Brunettes – Brunettes span the attractive woman superlatives. They can be cute or sexy, pretty or exotic, Treat Her Right or Back That Ass Up. I guess blonds can be too, and so can redheads too for that matter, but there’s something about Charlotte from Sex & the City that just does it for me over the rest of them. Of course, Miranda isn’t really representing redheads that well. Anyway, brunettes have that look in their eye like they’ve got it all together. I don’t know what I’m talking about. A

Redheads – I’ve always had a redhead fetish as far as I can remember, and I don’t know why. A girl with red hair for some reason gets a little leeway in other areas (such as the face) with me just because she’s got red hair. I don’t know why that is, but I’m sure I seem like a superficial prick to all of you now. Well, I figure you all know me well enough by now anyway. Besides, it’s a subconscious decision, which makes me a subconscious prick, which probably isn’t any better at all. A

Bald chicks – Well, I’ve only ever actually known and spoke to one bald chick and she was big and frightened me before she was bald, so it would be unfair to say I’m intimidated by all bald chicks, but based on the fact that they are still female, the can’t get below an A -. A –

Greenheads – OK. These girls get below an A-. Same with orange, pink, purple, teal, etc. That just screams “FREAK.” Except for that girl on Temptation Island. I think she’s my favorite. But that’s just the exception, thus proving the rule. D

While home in PA on another hot tub night, Teresa brought up how close we all seemed to be as friends, but also how incestuous we are with dating all the same people. It’s like that Kevin Bacon game getting from one of us to another. Except Kevin. Kevin can definitely claim he’s not incestuous. He went on to explain that it was just a choice…

Quote Of the Day 1/16/01

“Because I couldn’t get any of your girls and nobody wanted mine. Remember Collete?! Who’s gonna do that?”

– Kevin

I said it was a choice. I didn’t say it was his choice.
Also, I’d like to commend him on a proper use of the word “that.”

In search of a blond brunette redhead,

The Extendinator.

Still Standing Right Here…

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