Dad’s Gambling Theorem

Dad’s Gambling Theorem

In the spirit of Frequency, I’m going back in time for this next quote, and it involves my dad. No ham radio, though. Anyway, I was telling him my theory on why casinos make money when I got back from Reno. In a nut shell, here it is: See, when you’re up $200, you could always be up $300, or even $900. You can always go higher into the positive. But if you start out with $400 and you get to a point where you have $0, you are done. There’s a sense of closure. Unless of course, you were stupid enough to not tell somebody to hide your credit cards. Then, who knows where the night can take you. So anyway, I was telling him about my idea of there being closure when you go broke…

Quote Of the Day 1/19/01

“Oh, I get it. So there’s closure… and then shortly thereafter there’s foreclosure.”

-The Dad

Spoken like an experienced gambler.

Passed the red and into the maroon,

DuckPin Dustin.

Still Standing Right Here…

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