The Beginnings of Something Bad

The Beginnings of Something Bad

So the XFL kicked off its inaugural season this past weekend. You’ll excuse me if that doesn’t inspire a break from my normal prose format. That reminds me. Thanks to all of you who responded to The Raven 2001, and even more thanks to those of you (Shannon) who wrote or e-mailed the Baltimore SUN, Jojo and Kenny, ESPN, Marty Bass, the Ravens, and so on. I don’t think it actually got published or will get published anywhere, so I’ll just have to settle for internet infamy. I’ve already gotten about 10 responses from people I don’t know, some of whom got the poem from people I don’t know either. That’s pretty flattering. Thanks again. I’ll do it again when the O’s win the pennant.

Anyway, the new fandangled brand of football kicked off over the weekend, complete with horrible camera angles, gaudy uniforms and Xtreme audio problems. OK, yeah it’s football. And yeah, they’re trying, but I have a few problems with it. First, let’s face it. These are players who were not good enough to be in the NFL for a reason. Also, nobody knows anything about them. Am I supposed to root for a team just because they’re called the Hitmen? Actually, I like the Birmingham Thunderbolts because I think it’s funny that Alabama has a pro sports team. Anyway, I think I heard more talk about the cheerleaders at work today than the actual game play. That’s not really a good sign. I have a cable modem and a Pentium III. In other words, I’m not going to watch a football game just for the cheerleaders. But the XFL is getting some air time on SportsCenter, though I’ll bet they have to pay a ton for it. Especially the way they’re putting down the NFL, which I think is stupid. They are trying to appeal to football fans, who probably rather enjoy the NFL, and they have commercials with Steve Austin telling fans that the NFL is a league of sissies. I also don’t think running their second nationally televised game opposite the Pro Bowl was a good idea for ratings. But that’s probably why I’m not the commissioner. And how the hell do you put a line on a league that hasn’t even played a game yet? “Yeah, I’ll take the Maniax giving 3 1/2 and the over.” You have a gambling problem if you’re betting on the XFL.

Mike called me a few weeks back at a time which I knew wrestling to be on TV. I was astonished he wasn’t watching it at the time. I was proud of him. I asked him if he knew wrestling was on…

Quote Of the Day 2/5/01

“None of these guys are on my fantasy team.”

-He Hate Me Mikey

Fantasy wrestling. That’s the sign of two things going way too far.



Still Standing Right Here…

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