Rating Rules of the XFL

Rules of the XFL

No kicking of the extra point – I like this rule. They make you have to earn the extra point. It’s not just a 98% gimme. Of course, it is fun seeing Al Del Greco miss one to lose a game against Baltimore, but that’s a little too rare to merit a change of opinion here. But this rule change eliminates the 2 point conversion, which is even more exciting, because it happens so rarely. But then again, it happens so rarely. OK, I’m done. B

Scramble for the ball – OK, they’ve eliminated the coin toss. I think it’s kinda cool that they start with a wrestling match like that. A guy already separated his shoulder on the scramble which put him out for the season, unable to collect any more money. But I do like the scramble. It sets the tone for the kind of blue collar backyard ball that you’re about to start watching. I wouldn’t take it to the NFL though. B+

Bump and run until ball is released – You can bump the receivers going out for a pass until the ball is released as long as they are facing you. That’s gonna screw up a lot more timing patterns, but it’s actually easier for the refs. This rule I don’t mind so much. It would probably help the NFL clear up it’s pass interference calls. A-

No fair catches – This translates loosely into “I’ll bet people will watch more often if they think there’s a higher possibility of death.” The ball is live after it goes 25 yards, but the punt returner has a 5 yard halo which the would-be decapitators aren’t allowed in. The penalty for violating the halo is 5 yards. So you can kill the guy on the first play and just get a 5 yard penalty. I’ll bet the second guy isn’t going to go anywhere near the ball. I guess that rule is in there for the wrestling fans that take to that sort of violence. Not me. “Mr. McMahon, this man’s helmet saved his life.” “OK, next week, the no helmet rule.” C-

Only one foot in bounds for a legal catch – Why? If it’s to make it easier on the refs, A+. If it’s to allow more acrobatic catches, B. If it’s to emulate college football even more, C. If it’s just to be different from the real football league, F.

OK. I’m honestly really sick of the not-so-subtle trashing of the NFL that is going on. The XFL website describes the league as being “100 percent competitive sport – the brand of football that hardcore football fans havent seen in a long time, and the brand of football that new fans have never seen before.” It goes on to be even more arrogant. I guess the brand of football they are talking about is the Night Train Lane football before they outlawed the head slap and the clothesline, which I’m surprised I haven’t seen yet. Anyway, I think it would be in their better interests to seek help from the NFL rather than try to spread rumors about the popular kid in school. But again, that’s probably why I’m not the commisioner. Hell, wrestling seems to be doing OK for him somehow.

My dad was growing weary of the boringness of some of the NFL games during the season. He turned to me during a game (probably a Ravens game) and said…

Quote Of the Day 2/6/01

“Field goals kicked after the 3rd quarter shouldn’t count.”

-The Dad

Right dad. I think he could have been on the XFL rules committee.

Switching to basketball,

Insulted Viewer.

Still Standing Right Here…

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