Floating Valentine’s Day

Floating Valentine’s Day

I know yesterday I referred to being alone on Valentine’s Day as “the Valentine’s Day curse.” Well, I’d like to retract that statement. It’s easy to be depressed and say it sucks when you spend V-Day alone, but I think I’ve been looking at things all wrong. I’m the lucky one. This holiday doesn’t suck for me, it sucks for them. Those poor unfortunate boyfriends/husbands that are required to make some sort of attempt to not screw up the V-Day. And I’m sure that’s precisely what they’re thinking. I’m a guy. We probably fuck up 80% of the times we try anyway, and with all the expectations and pressure of trying to make this the most romantic day of her year, we’re bound to bungle it up. Romance should be spontaneous, not one planned day every year. Take it from a guy who hasn’t been in a serious relationship in 4 years, I should know. Here’s what you do whenever you start dating somebody. You say, “OK, we’re going to have a Valentine’s Day, but it’s not going to be on February 14th. And I’m not going to tell you when it’s going to be.” That not only adds to the spontaneity, and thus the romance, but it buys you another 10 1/2 months to figure something out. I’m brilliant! I’m going to try to apply this to other areas of my life too. Like Christmas. And filing my taxes. I’ve already started doing it with laundry day. So anyway, when you start to feel lonely tonight, just think of all the poor schmucks who are presently letting their girlfriends/wives down. I’m glad I got cut. Actually, her agent told me she wants to continue talks about a possible short term contract if I haven’t already signed with another team or retired. I think this metaphor has gone on too long. Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day all! I hope you all at least broke even. I’m going to go watch Temptation Island with Russ and Tony now.

This quote came from a conversation I had with Evil Lance McFreelander as he was in the process of signing his contract a few weeks ago with Little Boy Hair Girl (I need to start renicknaming my friends again). Anyway, he was trying to describe to me the state of being his relationship with Teresa was in…

Quote Of the Day 2/14/01

Me: “So are you guys exclusive now?”
Mike: “Well… kinda.”
Me: “Well, if she goes out with somebody else, would you get pissed?”
Mike: “Yeah.”
Me: “And if you go out with somebody else, would she get pissed?”
Mike: “Gosh, I hope not.”

Where do I sign?

Cupid’s arch nemesis,


Still Standing Right Here…

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