Deer John

Deer John

Well I know I spoke of the Valentines Day curse that I have and tried to convince myself that I actually wasn’t experiencing it this year. Well, somebody must have heard me. Sometime last night, my driver side rear window imploded. As if that wasn’t enough, my ratchet set and about $2.45 in change managed to escape through the broken window. So Happy V-Day to me. Actually, whoever did it was comparatively decent about it. On one hand, sure they broke my window and took my stuff, but on the other hand, they only broke the small triangular window that doesn’t roll down anyway, and they didn’t take my jumper cables or audio cassette of Paul Reiser’s Babyhood. Maybe the guy just needed a ratchet set. He (or she, don’t want to be sexist here) didn’t bother to break into my other car and take all my tennis rackets and volleyballs and stuff. Oh well. I get to see my good buddies at Safelite again. And at least I didn’t hit a deer. 😉

Tony hit a deer last Thursday. More appropriately, the deer hit him. He said it came running out of the woods like a cornerback going for a tackle. And the deer managed to run or limp off afterwards. But until Tony’s appointment to get the thing fixed, he’s driving around with a crushed bumper and fur sticking out of his headlight. Not to mention the hoof print on his hood. In fact, the deer might be the jerk who broke into my car. A deer with a vengeance. So if anybody sees a deer limping around the woods with a ratchet set, tell him he owes me $2.45.

This quote came in response to me telling Teresa, the subject of last night’s quote, that I was hesitant to send the e-mail because he didn’t want her to take it the wrong way and ditch my good buddy…

Quote Of the Day 2/15/01

“Don’t worry about me and Mike..we’ll screw things up ourselves before you ever have a chance to ruin it with quotes or…reason and such”

-Mrs. Little Boy Hair Girl Freelander

He’s a guy. He’s got to screw it up eventually anyway. Even without my help.

Always gotta be the window,

Mr. Glass.

Still Standing Right Here…

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