Double Feature Duel (Rd2): It’s a Wonderful Life vs. Tree of Life

Double Feature Duel (Rd2):
It’s a Wonderful Life vs. Tree of Life
This matchup may not be a lot of things, but it will certainly be full of life.
Title: Taking the lowest common denominator, we have “It’s a Wonderful”vs. “Tree of”. Tree of sounds incomplete whereas It’s a Wonderful sounds Italian. (Point, Wonderful 1-0)
Funnier: Staring at a rock for 2 hours is funnier than Tree of Life. (Point, Wonderful 2-0)
Better Turn: I’ll let somebody else go looking for a turn on a Mobius strip. (Point, Wonderful 3-0)
Better Ending: Cheesy, campy, silly, but it worked on me for sure. And nothing about Tree of Life worked for me. I can’t believe it made it this far. (Point, Wonderful 4-0)
Better Message: If the movie did nothing else, it drove home the “way of grace vs. the way of nature” point. Even if it was whispered in my ear like someone trying to get me in bed. (Point, Tree 4-1)
Better Acting: It’s tough to compare acting across decades. It’s like comparing apples to 50-year-old apples. Maybe if I got the point of the movie, I’d appreciate what it was that Tree of Life was trying to do. (Point, Wonderful 5-1)
More Creative: Some people think Jackson Pollack is creative. I see a devalued canvas (Point, Wonderful 6-1)
Poster: Sure, we’ll give you a garbage 4th quarter touchdown. (Point, Tree 6-2)
Watch again: If all goes well with my life, I’ll never watch that movie again. (Point, Wonderful 7-2)
Overall: I still can’t believe a 0-bug movie got past the first round. That should give hope to the University of Vermont. Winner: It’s a Wonderful Life (7-2) 
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