Achilles Healed

Achilles Healed

Well, I’m up and running again finally. I decided to take the “sick of waiting for doctor’s clearance” method of approach. I was getting bored of just going to get my little ultrasound thing and standing on my toes for 2 hours a day, so I decided to stop that entirely. Realizing that wasn’t the way to go, I made a command decision to forgo the advice of the doctor. The facts that I could start to see a gut form and I put on ten pounds since this happened were large contributors. So I decided to say the hell with the doc and I’m just gonna see what happens. Apparently, this is a fairly common approach. Especially among people with health insurance to fall back on. And the real bad news is that I was fine running the 2 mile loop around campus. I started to feel good. Which means I’m going to get overly excited and start to try other stupid things. Which in turn means I’m going to inevitably rerupture my Achilles tendon. It sucks, but there’s really no way around it now. I expect more sympathy cards this time.

Well, Good Joe (who is working in Turkey building the new Ford Box until July) wrote me to tell me he was sorry about losing my ratchet set. Especially because it was his ratchet set. Anyway, he was telling me a little bit about how the system works. He told me that the little windows can often cost more than the big windows. They do that because they make more money that way. They have corporate meetings about this kind of stuff. And he also told me that every once in a while, when it’s slow in the office, they go around breaking windows and stealing tools to help increase revenue. He had this revelation in his ramblings…

Quote Of the Day 2/16/01

“Wait, I think I just figured out why we have deer on the payroll.”

-Good Turkey Joe

It’s a shitty job, but I guess when you’re a deer, you don’t get too many offers.

Never underestimated,

Achilles Heal.

Still Standing Right Here…

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