I did it! I googled McSugarBoobs and I found her! I actually came up with a picture of her are her soon-to-be husband before they got married. I knew the stalking skills would pay off in the long run. So now I have a visual of her and I remember who she is now. And she wrote me and said her name was Karen, as the caption in the picture indicated also, but all through college I swear I called her Kathrine. Folks, if I get your name wrong, please stand up for yourself. I won’t feel embarrassed or humiliated or anything. I’m a big boy and I can handle making a mistake. Anybody who’s ever seen me ref can tell you the same thing. But to sit there and let me call you the wrong name for like 3 whole years has got to be either some sort of joke that you are playing on me or a clear indication that you are deaf. Of course I didn’t know Stryker’s first name for the first 2 years I knew him. And he’s got a really cool last name so who really needs a first name. Except now that he’s kinda being semi-professional, whenever he introduces himself to a client or somebody like that, he introduces himself as Greg Stryker. And then they meet me and I feel compelled to introduce myself as Dustin Fisher. How gay is that? “Hi, I’m Dustin Fisher” like I’m in kindergarten again. Add that to the list of ways Stryker makes me feel like an idiot. But anyway, point is that I now should be able to recognize this Karen/Katherine chick. What I’m going to call her when I see her, I’m not sure yet, but at least I don’t have to walk around Bennigans with a pink carnation in my mouth. Of course, I might do that anyway.

So I’m now addicted to this new board game called Settlers. It’s overwhelming characteristic is that you can’t explain it to anyone else. It’s a board game somewhere between Rick and Civilization, and I’m going to leave it at that for now. I play this game with John and other people my age a lot, but now that I bought it myself I’ve introduced it to my college friends and I found myself on a Monday night/Tuesday morning playing it in the lounge of a dorm until the sun came up. That was a serious deja vu. Probably because I had just done it the previous Saturday night too. But it was also a reality check for me. I was hanging in the lounge with two 19-20 year old sophomores when this came out. I know this comment was made with the intent to demean himself, but he did a pretty good job of deflating my self-worth in the process…

Quote Of the Day 3/11/02

“I need to get a life. It’s a Saturday night and I’m in the lounge playing a board game with my RA and a 27-year old man.”

-Colin Fergus, adolescent child

Well, at least he called me a man.

Letting the air out quickly,

Deflated Cricket.

Still Standing Right Here…

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