Basketball and the Irish

Basketball and the Irish

It’s that time of year again. The time of the year in which I donate money to people who watch more college basketball than I do. I don’t know why I do this every year. I’m usually statistically eliminated by the end of the second round. Well, this year was no exception. There were 16 games on the first day. I’m not going to tell you all how many I got right, but let’s say that I would have done better if I had just gone with all the higher seeds. Or all the lower seeds. Or all the teams that came first in alphabetical order. Or all their opponents. And I’m not kidding. So I’m considering it a donation. I’m going to try to deduct it from my taxes next year.

Last week was St. Patrick’s Day, a day where everybody pretends they are a little bit Irish so they can all justify drinking more than usual. What a holiday. I’ll bet no more than 10 of you actually know who St. Patrick is or what he did, or why he’s associated with binge drinking. But who am I to spoil the fun? So Tony was on his way out to “celebrate” this holiday last year when I asked him if he was even Irish…

Quote Of the Day 3/25/02

“I’m 1/365th Irish.”

-Tony “MacKinnin” Harris

His family tree looks more like an afro.

No I don’t know what that meant,

Darin O’Fisher

Still Standing Right Here…

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