Oh, I Thought You Were Funny

Oh, I Thought You Were Funny

Well, I’m not one to make excuses, but my computer got pink eye. I thought it best not to expose any of you to that. Damn kids.

Oh yeah. The kids. Here’s what I’ll say about camp so far this year. I have needed to go out drinking on weeknights after camp this year (in only 3 weeks) more than I have the entire other 6 years I’ve been working camps. Broken arms, social services and the same whacked out parents sending me e-mails complaining that my counselors are giving their child money (I’m not kidding). She even started the e-mail by saying she had a “serious” concern. How the hell am I supposed to talk to these people? I think I’ll just sign her e-mail address up for a few porn sites. That’ll be funny.

So anyway, camp started a few weeks back. I currently, as I type, have two of my staff members sleeping in my livingroom. So not much has changed except Colin and Woody don’t put out first (I hope I didn’t cross a line there). So we were all getting to know each other as a staff after work one day and a bunch of us were all telling jokes and piling semi-humorous quip after quip on top of each other. Well, I can’t remember exactly what was said to provoke this, but it was one of the least subtle and degrading things that has possibly ever been said to a person. Well, maybe not, but it still stings three weeks later. So what led to this was Colin tossed a quip on the stack and people laughed at it, to which Nate asked what movie that was from. Laurie apparently didn’t know it was from a movie and thought he came up with it on his own, to which she said very matter of factly…

Quote Of the Day 7/8/02

“Oh wait. That was from a movie? Oh, I thought you were funny.”

-Miss Laurie

Oh wait. That’s make-up? I thought you were pretty.

Testing the limits of child abuse,

Mr. Whistlehead.

Still Standing Right Here…

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