Accidentally Italian

Accidentally Italian

Sorry about the incredibly sporadic quote production, but something really unexpected happened to me recently. I found a social life. I’m not quite sure how to handle it and I’ve already cut sleep out of my schedule, so squeezing the quote in will be even more tricky. I’m only going to brush my teeth every other day and I’ll sleep in my car to save time somehow. That having been said, I’m obviously not funny right now. So I’ll let Tony’s self-serving quote of the day application e-mail speak for itself.

Quote Of the Day 7/11/02

MJConover7: Wanna hear a cool song?
Tonedef6: does anyone actually answer ‘no’ when use phrase it like that?
MJConover7: Download “Inches Feet Miles” by Heywood Banks.
Tonedef6: “use phrase it like that”…odd, ordinarily i have to consciously try to sound italian
Tonedef6: it usually doesn’t just happen on its own
MJConover7: LOL

When languages are born from bad spelling and improper grammar…

Sounding Canadian by accident,

Mr. Bacon, eh.

Still Standing Right Here…

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