The Prodigal Sorcerer Returns

The Prodigal Sorcerer Returns

So I was 45 minutes into the first episode of Joe Millionaire, which I had taped earlier tonight so I could run back to pay the rent at our place, which by the way has been heatless during the coldest six days of the year, before returning to Steph’s (sorta new g/f) where we also had the season premiere of Dead Zone from last night to watch afterwards, when suddenly I realized… my television watching addiction has gotten out of hand (so has this sentence). I blame the media. But seriously, I actually blame my VCR. I thought the realization that I could videotape stuff that I missed would help my social life, because now I could go out and watch Law & Order: Underwater Crimes when I got back from wherever I would have went if I had this theoretic social life and instead skip some of my other addictions. Like sleep (and work). But what has happened instead is that I’ve become a master of the record timer, setting up sometimes 6 programs in one night so I can watch them all when I get back from work. Steph loves this. I have over 65 hours of backlogged tapes to watch when I’m finished this e-mail. And 15 minutes of those belong to a show called Joe Millionaire, the rock bottom epitome of all reality TV shows (the rock bottom of TV as it is). And so I realized the former addiction that I’ve been neglecting for so long. That’s where you guys come in.

So I’m gonna try to keep doing this again (yeah, right) to stay away from such horrible habits. I’m sure if my parents knew I was watching Joe Millionaire, they’d probably rather I was on crack. So anyway, I was talking to Kevin, who is in the Seminary, preparing to be a minister (that’s actually not a joke) and we were watching the news on any given night of the week and heard that another priest was caught pulling an R. Kelly (but with a boy, of course). So I asked Kevin what the difference between a minister and a priest was with respect to altar boys…

Quote Of the Day 1/6/03

“Ministers don’t get caught.”

-He of the future cloth

Man I hope God has a sense of humor.

Back again,

Slim Gimpy.

Still Standing Right Here…

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