Rating TV Shows I’m Currently Addicted To

TV Shows I’m Currently Addicted To

Boston Public – This show has managed to figure out the perfect formula for longevity. OK, it’s a show about a high school, and every episode contains over the top controversial topics. Well, there is a very small finite number of issues they can possibly tackle. So in the last two years, they’ve basically just turned over their cast gradually, but completely, and recycled the same exact storylines as before. Brilliant. But becoming a waste of my videotapes. Good thing Jeri Ryan is hot. C+

CSI – I’ve recently watched a few motion picture cop thrillers like Murder By Numbers and Blood Work and I swear most CSI episodes are better than those. This show is incredible. Every story written is original and comes complete with a necessary twist or several to keep you interested and to keep you guessing. And it’s already spawned a spinoff in its third year of existence. Soon, there will be enough CSIs to have an all CSI/Law & Order network. My VCR will overheat. A+

Dead Zone – It’s a mix between Quantum Leap and Early Edition. It’s got an interesting story and in the end, the good guy always wins. It’s a feel good show for better or worse. Whether you like that aspect or not. And it’s definitely got that cable TV – cheap sets, cheaper effects, do it in one take – feel to it. But for low budget, it’s good to see something come close to Quantum Leap (if you like that sorta thing). A-

Joe Millionaire – You would assume that I would actually enjoy all the TV shows that I watch religiously. Well, with Joe Millinoaire, that’s not the case. But it’s like a train wreck. Or a walrus whacking off at the zoo. I just can’t turn away. But I recommend everybody watch the last 15 minutes of the last episode. That’ll be funny. D

On a non-related topic, there was this inside joke going around about how Tim had a small penis that was funny mostly because of Tim’s reaction to it every time we’d do something like order him a one-inch sub for lunch. Anyway, Laurie (“that was from a movie? oh, i thought you were funny”) happened to be with us this particular lunch when we were ragging on Tim with quip after unfunny quip about how his manhood never outgrew his boyhood, when Tim pleaded to Laurie that he didn’t know why we thought this of him…

Quote Of the Day 1/7/03

“It’s OK, Tim. I already thought that.”

-No holds barred Laurie

She probably meant that she thought we were kidding, but who knows how fast word spreads when your Mini Me can be called Tiny Tim.

Buying videotapes by the gallon,

Mr. Whistlehead.

Still Standing Right Here…

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