Bitching Back

Bitching Back

Well, one of the funnier parts of my job is watching the refs deal with the coaches on the sidelines of our UMBC basketball games. Some refs just put up with the harassment, some give technicals, and my favorites are the ones that talk back to the bitching coaches. Most of the reasons I never wanted to go any further in my refereeing career is because I thought you weren’t supposed to talk shit back to the coaches. But over the weekend, our women’s basketball coach asked why this ref wasn’t calling fouls in our favor, and the ref replied something to the effect of “Because you’re whining too much.” But I heard this quip word for word today. Their team went up for a shot and had it blocked, but then one of their players touched the ball after the block and it landed out of bounds, right in front of one of their guys who was being boxed out by one of our guys (everybody got that?). So anyway, the coach was bitching about the call and said to the ref…

Quote Of the Day 1/30/03

Coach: “Are you telling me that he didn’t push our guy?”
Ref: “I didn’t call it, so obviously, he did not push your guy.”

Now there’s a ref with some nuts!

Obviously, you’re not a golfer,

The Dude.

Still Standing Right Here…

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