Metro Sexual

Metro Sexual

Well, I reluctantly went to see the Caps play the Canadians (for my unsportsically inclined, that’s a hockey game between DC and Montreal). Such are the trade-offs I must suffer through having a Canadian girlfriend. Anyway, the game was decent. Hockey was played. No one got hurt. I was unaffiliated with either team, so I was just pretty much rooting for a football game to break out, or for a skate to fly off the ice and spear the creaters of Joe Millionaire (who may or may not have been there) in the temple. So I went home relatively dissapointed. But the subway ride home was probably the best part of the evening. The couple (mid-40s) sitting in front of us decided to put on a show complete with all sorts of sexual innuendos (“it ain’t my fault your brother is bigger,” to “well, your sister swallows,” stuff like that – think QOTD the First Season if you were around then). I would say it was material inappropriate for subway conversation…, but I don’t think there is such material. Hell, it’s the subway. Anyway, they were leaving the subway, and the guy had gotten out of the station first and ran ahead of his wife (or random play-thing, who am I to assume?). When she got through the turnstiles and came running at him, he yelled loudly and in front of everyone…

Quote Of the Day 2/6/03


-Random Tactless Funny Man

To which she replied “I know. It wasn’t worth it.” I’m still not sure if that makes sense.

Seeking less sexual in your end o’s,

Screaming Cricket.

Still Standing Right Here…

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