Review of “The Recruit”

Review of “The Recruit”

Well, I saw The Recruit about a week ago. Let me start with I enjoyed myself before I begin to get all wannabe film-maker/wannabe film critic on all y’all asses. The more I think about the film, the more I realize it was your average spy thriller. It took the formula and followed it like an A+ calc student. You’ve got the established older actor, the young sexy guy, the love interest, and the exciting plot filled with a perfect mix of twists and holes. Al Pacino is very entertaining as always, and if you’re an Al fan, you’ll like it. Passed that, it was a very professionally done spy film, down to the letter.

The CIA has secrets! Dont believe what you see, hear, read or ingest. Probably the most mysterious of all three-lettered world agencies making it the perfect foil for fictional action and intrigue. The idea of the virus that made it’s way through outlets was very interesting, but not original. They were polite enough to actually cite their source in the movie itself, however. Not exactly APA style, but thanks for the effort. The love interest was the most obviously forced of all their obligations to the formula, though the ending plot twist comes close. You can almost see the writers hit a dead end somewhere in the car just before the warehouse scene. They could have gone a different way, but they opted for a more obvious, safer route thats been done-to-death umpteenth plus one times. Why ask an audience not to believe what they’re seeing when they’ve already seen it. Give me 24s CTU any hour of the week. 5 bugs

Quote of the Day 2/7/03

“Sorry. I’m excited. I haven’t seen new balls in almost three years.”

-A guy they call “Kuch”

Funny on so many levels. Or possibly none at all. Oh well, I don’t care anymore. I’m tired, and I left my quote cheat sheet at work. But I’m not kidding. They call him Kuch (pronounced “Cooch”).

Done with the in-your-end-o’s for a while,

Mr. Whistlehead.

Still Standing Right Here…

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