Unreality TV

Unreality TV

Well, set your VCRs. No, not for the new Survivor this Thursday (though you know I will)… The final episode of Joe Millinoaire is next Monday, 2/17. This is the one where he picks a chick and tells her he has no money and she has to decide whether or not he’s worth it without the money. So if you like seeing money-hungry superficial women caught with their skirt up and their bank accounts open, check it out. Though, I think FOX is up to something. They bill this guy as a construction worker and claim he makes $19,000 a year. Anybody operating that kind of heavy machinery probably goes for at least $40,000 or so. I don’t think FOX has been up front with us. My guess is that he has money, and after the chick says that she can’t do it because she was really after the money, not just his body, he’s gonna say “well, I was just kidding, I really do have a couple mil. Nanny nanny boo-boo.” And that’s a whole different level of getting screwed. I can’t believe I watch this show… I can’t believe how much these damn reality shows caught on…

Quote Of the Day 2/10/03

“I’ll bet in about five years, they won’t even have sitcoms anymore.”


Only your really high-level productions like 24, Alias and CSI, and your low rent reality TV shows like… oh, let’s say Celebrity Mole and the Surreal World. Erosion of the middle class is evident even in TV.

Reading above the lines,

Dustin, Rec Sports.

Still Standing Right Here…

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