The Most Awkward Conversation Ever

The Most Awkward Conversation Ever

QOTD rapid fire:

OK, I run this program on campus in which I try to marry Rec Sports and Res Life in our intramurals. I award points for participation in every sport. I knew this one team was from Patapsco, but I didn’t know which hall (3rd South, etc.). So I called the front desk and after I fell over my words about 3 or 4 times, asked the girl (I think her name was Meghan) on the phone if she could tell me where this guy lived, but I didn’t really need to know his address, I just needed to know what hall he lived on.


So then I started explaining what I was doing with the whole Rec Sports/Res Life thing and in the middle of what was already the most uncomfortable conversation I’ve ever had…

Quote Of the Day 2/13/03

Me: “OK, wait. Let me explain myself. My name is Dustin and I work for the Rec Sports office -“
Girl: (cutting me off) “I know. I dated you for 7 months.”

Oh. THAT Megan.

Still trying to think of something else to say,


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