A Canuck Valntine

A Canuck Valntine

Sorry I haven’t gotten to you guys in a week, but my keyboard was plowed in. :
HOLY LOW PRESSURE SYSTEM, BATMAN! That was just insane! I just kept looking out the window and it just kept coming. I went to bed and woke up and it was still snowing. I did the same thing again, and it was still snowing. Steph’s cousin and friend from Canada said they’ve never seen it snow for that long. They said when it snowed that much in Toronto last year, they had to call in the National Guard. Well, what else are they gonna do?
Meanwhile… back in Baltimore… I dug my car out Sunday afternoon and pretended I was going to drive it to school. After an hour and a half had gone by and I managed to get it out of the alley (we didn’t even have to dig it out yet) and into the gas station less than 40 feet from my front door, fishtailing, spinning wheels, dropping radiator fluid by the liter, rocking from 1st to reverse, 1st to reverse, we decided to pack it in, cut our losses and not risk my bald ass tires (no more illegal metal studs on this one) on any road where other cars may want to go anywhere at a rate faster than 40 feet per hour and a half. And so back in the alley I went. For a while.
I missed my annual Valentines Day bashing QOTD because of the snow and the fact that we were waiting for Steph’s cousin and friend who accidentally made a right at Harrisburg on their way down. But anyway, Geoff was asking me what I was doing for Valentine’s Day and I told him I was going out with Steph and her two Canuck friends to Luigi Petti for dinner…
Quote Of the Day 2/24/03

“Is that how Canadians celebrate, with a three on one?”

-American Geoff


Playing near the snow drift of tactlessness,
Snowed In Cricket.

Still Standing Right Here…

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