Rating Things I Did In the Blizzard of 03

Rating Things I Did In the Blizzard of 03

Dug My Car Out of the Alley – OK. I know I mentioned to you what happened after I dug myself out of the alley the first time. Well, I went right back in the alley and thought I’d have a leg up on anybody who was going to try to get out the following day. Well, my car got covered in another foot and a half of snow and the plow came by, erecting a three foot wall of snow at the end of the alley anyway, negating all the work I had just done. And where was I going to put the snow? We had to either throw it back onto the street or onto other people’s cars. I think the whole neighborhood noticed that this one guy wasn’t moving his car anytime soon, so we piled up like 13 car’s worth of snow onto his car. He still hasn’t gotten out. C-

Hopped the Fence of Camden Yards – I probably shouldn’t go tooting this around everywhere, especially because there’s video of it, but what’s the point of breaking into a major ballpark during a blizzard if you can’t tell anybody. We (me, Steph and her two Canuck friends) were going to make snowmen on the field in every position with pink hats on, but the snow wasn’t really packable, and somebody was a little baby wus and didn’t want to go onto the field (me). But it’s still a pretty cool story to tell. Not as cool as the couple who had sex under the jumbo-tron during a game (and got caught on video), but still pretty damn cool. A

Walked to Metro and Back – We couldn’t think of a closer place to get food and Pickles Pub was all out of stock after Sunday, so we walked to Federal Hill. It took us 2 1/2 hours total. We went the long way there along the major road that I knew of and guessed our way back passed all the other open grocery stores and mini-marts mocking us. C-

Dug Pete’s Car Out Of the Snow – Well, Pete was way back in the alley and it would have taken him all week to try to shovel himself out. So he wiped the snow off of his windshield, put a gallon of salt under each wheel and tried to ride over the snow to the clear part where my car used to be. He got up and over the snow and made it to the clear part, but only the back end. The front end was stuck on top of the snow and the front wheels were in the air just spinnin. So we filled up a tub of hot water and poured it on the snow under the car. That shit actually worked. That was cool. But not Camden Yards cool. A-

Jere had just got finished digging (and melting) Pete’s car out of the snow and was sick of it. These kids were walking down the street with shovels offering people money to dig their cars out (I think I messed that up). Anyway, Jere told these kids he’d give them $50 if they dug his car out. “Shit yeah” was their approximate response. “Which one is it?”

Quote Of the Day 2/25/03

(Jere looks down the street)… “I have no idea”


Hope it wasn’t that one with 13 car-fulls of snow on it.

One down, 29 more to go,

Camden Cricket.

Still Standing Right Here…

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