My First GPS

My First GPS

Well, I’m taking a class again. I forgot how annoying it was to have deadlines and worries. But I figured hey, since I don’t have to pay for it, I might as well get some free stress on the government’s dollar. Anyway, I showed up to the first class and it was 16 women and me (counting the students, instructor, and the girl bringing in the video equipment). I had mixed reactions about that. The first one was the same reaction guys get when they find out they are the only guy just about anywhere. It resembles the first scene of a lot of porn flicks. The second, more realistic reaction, was to curl up into the fetal position and pray we never started talking about driving, PMS, or things we hate about the other gender. On a seperate note, I noticed I bring up football at least once a class for some inexplicable reason.

But enough about me, let’s talk about Aaron. There were about 10 or so of us leaving a DC United game and going to eat at some Pizza Hut in Elkridge that nobody in our particular car knew how to find. We didn’t realize that until about 15 minutes into the car ride when I asked if anybody knew the directions there…

Quote of the Day 2/27/03

“Yeah, I do. We just follow that car. They switch lanes, we switch lanes. It’s kinda like GPS.”

-A Rock

Wow. It doesn’t seem as complicated as I first thought.

Wiping dirt off a surface,


Still Standing Right Here…

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