Rating Things That Suck About “The Strep”

Things That Suck About “The Strep”

Eating – OK. This is the obvious single most annoying thing about not being able to swallow. You obviously can’t eat anything. Not only is chicken soup recommended to get you well again, but now it’s the only thing you can squeeze through your stirring straw throat. I may as well have a chicken soup IV going straight into my stomach. It would make it easier. And I can’t even choke down OJ yet. At least not the “some pulp” kind. After I was done a few gulps, I had a lot of “some pulp” hanging onto my Adam’s Apple wordering what to do next. So it’s apple juice and chicken noodle soup fed intravenously for now. I’m gonna try to have some Easy Mac tomorrow. They’re small and lubricated enough. Even without the vasoline. D

Kissing chicks – Yeah, so at least I have an excuse now for about another week. I guess I can stretch that excuse out for a few weeks to make my ego feel a little better. Of course this only applies to chicks that know I have strep. Everybody else is fair game. That’s a lot of power. If I don’t like somebody, I’m just going to try to get close enough to make out with them or at least stick my finger in their mouth. I think there may be a flaw in my problem. And don’t try to make any gay jokes here. I already tried and none of them are funny. B+

Sleeping – This is tough when you can’t swallow believe it or not. I mean you don’t think about it, but you probably just inadvertantly swallow your own mucas and crap about once or twice a minute without thinking about it. Picture the pain of being hit in the throat by a Mac truck and it’s older sister every minute. That makes it tough to sleep. So I cancelled everyhting I could this weekend and pulled this “sleep when I can” routine where I just lie in bed and whenever it doesn’t hurt too much that I can’t stand it, I’ll doze off for an hour or two (note the time I’m sending this and I have to be back at UMB at 5:30am to drive 9 hours). Then I’ll be up for as long as it takes to get back to sleep. So this fucks up an already fucked up sleeping schedule. Kinda like flying over to France and working the graveyard shift every other night. Maybe. I have no real base of reference. F

Work – Yeah, I still have to work. My doc asked me if I needed a get out of work free card or whatever it is, and I was like “No thanks. I got a REALLY important wiffleball game to ref tomorrow.” And I wasn’t kidding. It’s the championship game. So I can’t even get out of work when I can’t swallow and I have a needle in my arm with a tube that runs straight to the Campbell’s Soup factory (I can’t afford Chunky’s after those damn antibods). So yeah, I still had a full 10 hours of work today. I’m leaving for Charlotte tomorrow with the mens club volleyball team for 4 days. My mom asked if I could try to find somebody else to go and I was like “I can’t even get somebody to cover a wiffleball game, you think I’m getting out of a 4 day trip.” Yeah. And then the wiffleball game was a forfeit. Karma. C

Quote of the Day 4/6/04

“She probably prescribed you the wine cooler of antibiotics when you needed a doulble shot of tequila and a punch in the face.”

-Mikey McAngelos

Yeah, but it came in a keg.

Getting down with the sickness,


Still Standing Right Here…

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