Jobs I Don’t Have

Jobs I Don’t Have

So the trip to Charlotte was about par as far as volleyball was concerned, great as far as my strep was concerned, and awesome for this little humor column I got going on. I could probably go on for the next month on stupid comments, busted pick-up attempts and sexual innuendos. But in the interest of getting to bed sometime tonight, I’m gonna cut it off at one story.

So we were sitting at the scorers table watching Providence College play their game. Jason was talking to one of the players on the bench and was impressed that they had such a good team with an enrollment of only 4,000 students. I told him that I knew a lot about the school because I had actually applied for a job there last year. In fact, the person hired in what would have been my position was this chick just out of college. There was a girl who fit that description sitting on the bench with them who I assumed went with the team as a team liaison. So I told Jason that I knew so much about the school because I had applied for that girl’s position. Jason wouldn’t leave it alone at that and continued to fraternize with the guy on the bench and this is what he found out…

Quote of the Day 4/12/04

“If he applied for her position, he applied to be one of the player’s girlfriends.”

-Some guy from Providence College

Yeah. And I didn’t get that job either. 🙁

Eating solid foods again,

Swallowing Cricket.

Still Standing Right Here…

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