Rating Volleyball Team’s Practice Jerseys

Volleyball Team’s Practice Jerseys

Syracuse women’s team – It’s fashionable at the national club volleyball tournament to put cute sexual innuendos on the back of your shirts. It seems like a great opportunity to try to be more clever than the next team. Instead, I think most of the girls teams just try to sound dirtier and sluttier than the next team. The Syracuse women’s team had big orange letters that said “HIT THIS” on the back of their shirts. On the very bottom in small print in parenthesis, it said “(again).” Apparently, last year’s shirt said “HIT THIS”. I’ll give them props for keeping a theme and sticking with it, however bland it may be. At least it had something to do with volleyball. B-

Drexel men’s team – Theirs simply said “I gave my kneepads to your girlfriend.” Now, I suppose it’s somewhat volleyball related, but it’s just not very funny. And if you’re gonna be rude, at least be funny about it, or else you just look like an ass. D

Miami University women’s team – “All we do is BANG BANG BANG.” OK. I got it. It’s got the volleyball thing going on and the sexual thing too. At least they tried to make it about volleyball on some level. There was one shirt there that said “Spit or swallow, you decide.” I refuse to rate that one. This one: C-

UC Davis men’s team – The logo for the NBA is a white silhouette of Jerry West dribbling a basketball inside a tall rectangle. The right of the rectangle is blue and the left of it is red and underneath the logo, it says “I love this game.” Well, UC Davis’ shirt had the same rectangle, except in the middle of it, there was a silhouette of a volleyball player spiking a ball and underneath it said “I love this game too.” It was the only shirt without a sexual innuendo on it and it was clever and very classy. Not bad for California boys. Not to mention they paid for a two color screen. A+

Xavier men’s team – “You may beat us when we’re sober, but get us drunk and we’ll bang your girlfriend” They lost their way somewhere in that shirt. I think they got tired of being creative halfway through the saying. I wonder if they talked about that or if they just had to come up with something on the spot. Cause it sucks. F

Quote of the Day 4/13/04

“We hit it from every position.”

-Maryland’s women’s team

This was the most clever of all the shirts with sayings on them, pathetic as it may be compared to the twenty-something that Steve, Keith, Justin and I came up with on the van ride back from Charlotte (you’ll read them soon). At any rate, I thought it was a good balance between volleyball and sex and it’s motivation enough for me to stay in touch with them. 🙂 A

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