Emergence of the Cicadas

Emergence of the Cicadas

Hello again everybody. All apologies for the unscheduled absence, but just as I came back from Charlotte, Geoff, Mike and Gary went on a trip to Albuquerque, leaving me to do the work of 4 people for 6 days (which took me only 22 days – I cut corners). But then I remembered the promise that I made to 23 people I hardly speak to almost 10 years ago. And so I’ve returned. So the cicadas are finally out. and I for one am happy about it. I was beginning to think it was all a big hoax. It was already midway through May and I hadn’t seen any of the little bastards. I thought they were supposed to be blanketing the sky and shutting out the sun, eating through windows, and swarming on the roads so much that you could hit a patch of cicadas and skid on them. Well, they started to surface finally. I think they needed a rain so that the worms could show them the way to the surface. And they’ll be flying around in the next day or two. They’re actually relatively harmless, despite the stories you may have heard (I was alive last time they were around). They’ll fly around and hit you in the head and then fly off, and then they’ll come back and hit you in the head. And their rattlesnake song is actually rather peaceful sounding. Well, gimme two weeks. Maybe I’ll be out there with a tennis racket beating the life out of them. Of course they’re all gonna die in a few weeks. They live underground for 16 years growing until they’re mature enough to come out. Then they come out, fuck, have eggs, and die. And the next generation will come out in another 17 years. Wow that sucks. So none of them hit the snooze alarm for another year I guess. What a fickle species.

Quote Of the Day 4/17/04

Keith: “I find it hard to breath indoors.”
Jason: “I find it hard to breath in water.”

I know what you’re thinking. Jason is weird.

Hitting the 17-year snooze alarm,

Screaming Cricket.

Still Standing Right Here…

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