On the Way

On the Way

So I want to throw another one of these out here real quick before I leave for a week to Austin. In case you didn’t know, I’m going to Texas to visit my sis for a week. And I’m not doing it the traditional way. I’m taking a train from Washington to Austin. And I’m going through Chicago. I guess it’s on the way. I should check my map. And then I’m flying back from Houston to Baltimore. I haven’t yet figured out how I’m getting from Austin to Houston, but it’s only Texas. It can’t be that big of a state. OK, it’s late. I’m gonna have to go pack. Do they give you pillows on a train?

Quote of the Day 5/23/04

“Well, it’s not exactly the way the crow would fly.”

-Mr. Hershey (about my train’s stop in Chicago)

The crow would probably have a 3 hour layover in Dallas/Fort Worth.

It’s a step up from Greyhound,

Austin Fisher.

Still Standing Right Here…

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