Rating Unwritten Ethical Violations of Passing Other Cars

We’re going to pretend it’s Tuesday and do the ratings thing:

Unwritten Ethical Violations of Passing Other Cars

Not Letting Someone Merge Onto the Road – Otherwise known as the “overaggressive spot-holder.” I think this one pisses me off more than any other ethical traffic violation. In fact, I think this one is up there with getting into an elevator before I get out of it as my number one idiotic pet peeve. I can understand the riding of the next car’s bumper if you are part of a chain of cars driving in the left lane and I’m trying to break into the chain to get around a guy in the middle lane. But when you see me coming onto an on ramp from another road and you refuse to let me into the right lane because you want to hold your spot in line is fucking intolerable! I swear to God this one lady would have rather ran me into the guard rail at the end of the merge lane than let me into her lane. And every next car in line was doing the same thing. This is why I think each car should come with a gun with one bullet. Traffic would flow a lot better that way. F

Driving Slow in the Fast Lane – Some people just haven’t figured it out yet. The further left you go, the faster you have to drive. Why wouldn’t you be able to do this? And I’m not talking about when it’s crowded and confusing. If I have the ability to pass you on the right, you should get the hell out of my way in the first place. I’m not flashing my brights at you because you have a tail light out. And one day when I was particularly pissed off, I decided to get in front of this guy and sit down and see how slow I could go before he’d pass me on the right just to show him how annoying it was. Well, I got down to 30 on 95 and he waited me out. I don’t get it. D

Passing On the Right – I can justify this action if it’s not abused. Especially if you have an asshole doing 45 in the fast lane. In fact, it’s a written law that you have to stay right in New Jersey (that’s the only good thing NJ can be referenced for). Of course, it’s also a law that you can’t pass on the right in NJ. So if somebody‚Äôs driving slow in the left lane and you pass him on the right, you are both at fault? They mean well, but they still can’t get their shit together. B

Speeding Up When Somebody Tries To Pass You – This is another strictly asshole move. If you wanted to be going that fast, you should have been doing that the whole time. Don’t speed up just because you are being threatened as the fastest car on the road. This is like the traffic version of penis envy. What’s your damn problem? There’s no need to concern yourself with me. D-

Quote of the Day 9/7/04

“I’m sure she’s nice. She’s just not nice to other people.”

-Katie Kraus

That’s Katie’s version of a compliment.

Passing on the shoulder,


Still Standing Right Here…

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