OK. So everybody’s a Red Sox fan now. I’ll admit, I liked seeing them beat up on the Yankees. It’s always fun to see the Yankees lose, especially when they do it worse than anyone ever has before. But all of a sudden, everybody is walking around wearing Damon and Ortiz jerseys. In Baltimore too! This entire city has pledged to hate the Yanks and the Sox in the regular season. And I need to clear the air about something here before I continue. There are some people who believe that you are born into being a Skins fan, etc., and you can’t ever root for anyone else under penalty of perjury. Kind of like the way religion does it (cheap shot, I know). Well, I’m not necessarily one of those people. If you like somebody, go ahead and root for them. Make your own decisions. Just don’t claim that you liked them for any period of time since before game 5 of the ALCS. Then you’re a liar. I have two friends that currently live in Boston and they are allowed to be Boston fans (Note to Kevin: they’re the baseball team everybody’s been turning over cars in celebration of the past few weeks). Everybody else is just trying to steal a piece of the action, just like me. And that’s fine. Until you try to sell yourself as a faithful. Kinda like the way all these Tom Brady jerseys are popping up all over the place. I guess there’s just something about that state. I suppose all the Republicans will be wearing Kerry jerseys after he wins the election. I don’t think anybody will be buying any Bruins crap for a while.

So I know I disappeared for a while again. It’s not an accident that it coincided with when I got a DVR in my bedroom. Pair that up with the NFL Network and that means I may never leave my apartment again. I just got done watching the 92 Bills/Oilers Wild Card game. And I have like every episode of CSI and Without a Trace waiting for when I finally get the time to watch them. I found myself recording shit like Tremors 4, which I didn’t even know existed, just in case I felt like watching it sometime. I didn’t. And I had to delete it to be able to fit in all the episodes of Desperate Housewives. I wish I was kidding.

Quote of the Day 11/1/04

“That car sucked. It was like driving a fart.”

-Ryan Bowman, starting FB for Firehouse football

Yeah, it was kinda like running behind one of his blocks. (I don’t know what that means)

Trying to get back into it,

D Rec.

Still Standing Right Here…

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