Rating Decision 2004 Players

Decision 2004 Players

Bush – I still can’t believe he’s actually our president. And barring another extreme Florida-2000-scale debacle, it looks like we’ll probably have another 4 years of this monkey. But he’s a resilient one, you have to admit. He didn’t win the election but he still became the president. The UN said he couldn’t go to war, he went to war anyway. I’m starting to think he didn’t even get accepted to Yale. He probably just showed up there one day and started going to classes. Ugh. D+

Kerry – I have to admit that other than the hour or so of the one debate that I saw, I don’t know much about Kerry. His name, as far as most people are concerned, might as well be Not Bush. That’s the best thing he has going for him. But from what I’ve seen, he has some good ideas and he can actually think for himself, which is something I personally look for in a president. And he can do it in stride on the fly without a microphone in his ear. Hell, I’d have voted for Ryan Stiles over G Dub. C+

Voters – OK, let’s not fuck this up like we did in 2000. I was embarrassed to be an American for a while. Elections should never be about whether or not you punched a hole all the way through a piece of paper. They went to touch screen voting in Florida this year just to help the old folks of Palm Beach so they don’t go voting for Pat Buchannan of the Nazi Party again. And I don’t think the term “idiot-proof” has ever been more literal. It’s a good thing that the electoral system eliminates the margin of error by devaluing everyone’s individual vote. B

Media – OK, I know the voters of Palm Beach garnered a lot of attention last time for their ballot-punching incompetence, but I think we all know who really fucked up. It was the bastards at CNN and every other station that jumped the gun with the Florida prediction just cause they got tired at 3:30 in the morning. I am going to assume they don’t make that mistake this time. So far, there are three different electoral vote counts on three different stations. I don’t see how math is different on one channel than it is on another. Yes I do. Here’s the explanation. F

So I was playing poker one day during one of the first debates and I asked the guys in the livingroom staring at the TV what was going on…

Quote of the Day 11/2/04

“Bush just won on a last second field goal.”

-Some poker guy

It’s funny because it’s kinda true. I don’t know how you keep score at a debate, but I don’t know how you keep score of curling either. I don’t know why that matters to you.

Still Standing Right Here…

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