DVRed to Death

DVRed to Death

Hey everybody. I’m trying hard not to fall behind, but the deck is stacked seriously against me now. See, I got this thing called DVR in my room. If you don’t know what it is, the acronym “DVR” is actually not a disease, but it acts the same way. It records anything on TV that I tell it to and I can watch it and pause it and rewind it and turn it off whenever I want to. OK, so maybe it doesn’t work like a disease so much as a TiVo. I thought I was in trouble a couple years ago when I discovered On Demand. This thing is killing me. There are some nights when I go out and come back and feel obligated to watch like 5 hours of TV just to catch up. Now couple this with the NFL Network and I’m in trouble. I just watched the 2001 NFC championship game between San Fran and New York and I recorded the 1992 AFC wild card game between Buffalo and Houston earlier today. It’s almost 6 in the morning and I’m getting ready to watch it before I go to work. And I have an entire season of CSI to get to when this football thing slows down. Or when the sleeping or working thing slows down. Thankfully, I have lost touch with all of my friends recently to buy myself the time to do this.

So we go to Applebees a lot for half price appetizers. Well, at least when I’m not catching up on my Quantum Leap. Anyway, Jason was talking about our jerk bartender to Laura, a waitress friend of ours, who happened to be dating the jerk bartender. So here’s how J got out of it…

Quote of the Day 11/8/04

“Well, it wasn’t so much that he was an ass. He just wasn’t a nice guy.”

-J Tice

And here’s Keith’s lead-in while telling me the story…

2nd Quote of the Day 11/8/04

“And then in an effort to dig sideways…”

-Keith D

Jason has always had a way with words. And the ability to dig himself sideways. More on that in later quotes.

Back to my Tremors marathon,

D Rec.

Still Standing Right Here…

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